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Other Day Clubs/Organization

Drum and Glockenspiel

Individuals have their own talents. A specific talent can draw students together.This togetherness is brought about by a particular inclination for a specific interest.

Some students have special interest for music, specifically, an interest in playing a musical instrument together with other students. They are interested in forming a group to play different instruments as a group or a corps.

As an answer to this interest the formation or organization of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School Drum and Glockenspiel is organized.

Through this corps, students will have the opportunities to be trained to play a musical instrument. Through this group, they will have the chance of not only develop their talents but also meet other students. The different activities of this group can further motivate them and can lead them to the wider threshold of the world of music.

El Aguila Club

The El Aguila is composed of grades five and six students who are gifted with special talents in arts and skills in IT.  Through the pooling of their artistic talents, the members are able to come up with the annual at the end of each school year.

The annual that captures all the memorable events of the school year not only manifests the artistic talents on the staff but also shows the passion of the members to quality work.  Above all, each annual produces by the staff means sending at least two grade school graduates to the Ateneo High School, since it is also part of the club’s commitment to raise funds to support poor but deserving students.

Glee Club

The Ateneo Grade School Glee Club is a special activity program for students who display an inclination towards music. The Glee Club members are selected through an application process which consisted of a test of some general music concepts, including melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo and pitch.

The students are trained in devotional, popular, folk, party songs and Christmas carols, as part of the activities of the Glee Club.

Junior Journalists Club

Words, whether spoken or written are far more valuable than silver or gold for they are means by which change, recovery, improvement and success are achieved.” Anonymous

The Junior Journalists Club is an organization in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School in charge of the publication of The Quill, the official school paper.

This club is a support program for the curriculum of communication arts in the Grade School. Through the activities of this organization, students are trained to write for the school publication. They are specifically trained to write news and literally piece, prose and poetry articles. They are made aware of the truth and facts and are trained to accurately report all these to the whole school community.

Through writing each member of the Junior Journalists Club is given the freedom to express him/herself and develop his/her God given talents which would prepare him/her to face far more challenging experiences.

Munting Core Club

Like the salt of the earth (Mt. 5:13), the Munting Core preserves Christian Values and manifests a happy and meaningful life among its peer group. As the heart is the source of life to the human body, the Munting Core animates all: the cause of joy and the source of love to the whole Grade School community. All these are possible for the Munting Core, because of Christ with whom every member unites himself in prayer and in the sacraments.

Boy Scouting

Participation in Boy Scouting means enjoying a lot of things together with other scouts.

Scouting provides great adventure in outdoor learning. It designs activities that bring about the development of skills that will turn boys into dependable and self-reliant men. As they advance to higher ranks, the merit badges they earn will make their world larger. After exploring varied fields of skills and knowledge, they will be helped to choose a hobby or life work. Through the Eagle Scout Badge or the Jose Rizal Scout Badge, the highest ranks in Boy Scouting, they will pretty soon fulfill their dreams and follow the examples set by our greatest national hero.

Lord Baden Powell, the founder of scouting said that “a scout is one who thoroughly trains himself in scoutcraft and places that training at the disposal of the community for public service.” The badges they wear are symbols, which say that they will continue to build and to keep friendship, give happiness to others with their daily good deeds, and live the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law. Scouts grow up to be upright and respectable citizens of the community and of the country.

A scout is somebody all of us can be proud of.

Theater Arts Club

Each person is born a unique individual; an individual gifted with a unique talent.This talent can be best harnessed and appreciated if used and shared with others.

To provide a wide open door to individuals with this ability and to allow them to display their talents, the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School conceived and organized a club, which will specially develop students in the field of drama.

The organization of this club therefore, will be an opportunity and venue for students who are interested in acting, singing, dancing and/or interpreting artistic pieces. Through some activities that will be conducted, they will be given opportunities to actualize and polish their talents. Through this club, they will have the chance to serve others through actual participation in school activities such as school programs, school production or cultural shows.