1. The Spirit of Excellence: As a member of the ADZU community, it is our dream that our faculty, staff and students will manifest the Spirit of Excellence in all its endeavors, whether it is academic, spirituality and service to people.

2. Ignatian Identity and Mission:  That our rootedness in Ignatian Spirit will inspire us to be of humble service to our family, community and country; with special preference to the poor and marginalized sectors of Western Mindanao.

3. Ignatian Values Exemplified: That through our outstanding life as an individual and a community, we may be able to form faculty, staff, and students who are men and women of conscience, competent, compassionate and committed.

4. Formation through Witnessing: That through the faculty and staff’s inspiration and guidance, our graduates will be men and women who are:

                                    Intellectually competent, God-centered, Loving and Respectful, Morally upright, Peace-oriented, and Committed to Faith, Justice and Service