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New AdZU Legal Counsel

29 May 2012



With the appointment of Atty Laisa Masuhud-Alamia as the new Regional Director of the Commission on Human Rights – ARMM on 03 May 2012, it has become virtually difficult for her to remain as the AdZU Legal Counsel.  She ends therefore her brief stint with AdZU as our legal counsel on 31 May 2012.  I thank Atty Alamia for her competence and commitment to serve AdZU. 

It is then with pleasure that I announce the appointment of the Castillo & Climaco Law Office as our new legal counsel effective 01 June 2012 until 31 May 2013.  Their services will include legal consultations, opinions, advice, drafting and review of contracts, legal papers and demand letters, handling of court cases filed by or against AdZU, legal arbitration, notarization of documents or papers and others that will be specified in more detail in the contract.  The following lawyers from the Castillo and Climaco Law Office will assist AdZU:

Atty Jihan El R Edding (for Basic Education)
Atty Luis M Climaco (for Tertiary Level and Central Services)

I thank the Castillo and Climaco Law Office for their offer to serve AdZU.

For your information and guidance.

Antonio F Moreno SJ

Memo: 11-12:65