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Munting Core


Grades 3 – 6


Like the salt of the earth (Mt. 5:13), the Munting Core preserves Christian Values and manifests a happy and meaningful life among its peer group. As the heart is the source of life to the human body, the Munting Core animates all: the cause of joy and the source of love to the whole Grade School community. All these are possible for the Munting Core, because of Christ with whom every member unites himself in prayer and in the sacraments.



The Munting Core has for its main objective, the formation of every member who will radiate a true Christian Community Spirit among the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School students.

This goal is aim to:

1. help each member to discover and accept oneself;

2. deepen understanding and growth in Christian faith; and

3. train members to actively participate in the school’s liturgical celebrations, formation religious and social activities.



1. Holy Eucharist

  • to make the students appreciate the meaning and value of Eucharist celebration

a. Mass of the Holy Spirit

b. First Friday Masses

c. Tuesday and Thursday Masses

2. Ignatian Activities

  • to motivate the students to learn more about the life of St. Ignatius and his charism and to follow his examples

a. Novena Prayer

b. Paraliturgy

3. Love Drive

  • to enhance the students’ generosity and concern for the less fortunate brothers and sisters

a. Christmas Love Drive

b. Lenten Love Drive

c. Love Drive for Victims of Natural Calamities

4. Pilgrime to Different Churches in Zamboanga

  • to expose the students to the different pastoral programs of the different parishes in Zamboanga City

5. Parties and Picnics

  • to strengthen the student’s relationship with one another as an important elements in community building


Schedule of the Activity: Every Tuesday


Virginia dela Cruz