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Home » Migrated » Moving From Good to Better: ACLG journeys with ZamPen LGUs for better health outcomes

Moving From Good to Better: ACLG journeys with ZamPen LGUs for better health outcomes

Moving From Good to Better: ACLG journeys with ZamPen LGUs for Better Health Outcomes

The Municipal Leadership and Governance Program (MLGP) of the Ateneo Center for Leadership and Governance (ACLG), in partnership with the Department of Health-Regional Office IX (DOH RO IX) and the Zuellig Family Foundation (ZFF), have just completed the module 2 training of 33 municipalities with the theme “Moving from Good to Better”.

As an emerging program, the municipalities are now in their second practicum in improving their health outcomes through multi-stakeholder processes, good leadership and governance.

The second module aims to:

  1. Deepen personal purpose and heighten leadership role;
  2. Heighten self-awareness for personal mastery and leadership;
  3. Appreciate strategies on communicating health gains;
  4. Adapt dialogue as a skill in dealing and understanding stakeholders; and,
  5. Develop a continuity Plan and Leadership Development Plan.

The ACLG, being the academic partner of the program in the region, has been conducting the leadership training to Municipal Mayors, Municipal Health Officers, Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officers and the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators. The training is designed to deepen the leadership competencies of the municipal leaders following the Bridging Leadership framework. The ACLG has been part of the municipal leaders’ journey in transforming not only themselves but also the health and well-being of the people in the community.

Some of the participants expressed their desire to further improve their local health care system as expressed in their journal entries:

Hon. Carol Mendoza, Mayor of Payao municipality wrote “Looking back our roadmap before and after six months ago made me realize that we still have something to do to improve our health care system. As a leader, it would be fulfilling on my part if the color of our roadmap would no longer have red. And I wanted to achieve together with our team and the participation of the stakeholders.”

Dr. Ava Rebecca V Alejandro, Municipal Health Officer in Pitogo expressed that “the experience of being able to orient and establish the Barangay Health Board in every barangay is important to me because by focusing on leadership Governance of the Barangay Captains, we were able to have a stronger foundation at the barangay level.”

Discussing how the methodologies learned in module 2 can help, Ms Marilyn Ortuoste, Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer of Leon Postigo wrote that “It is very important to have dialogic skills for a better plan to solve issues and conflict. I have to use the six thinking hats as guide for sustaining the local health board and be shared to other stakeholders and expanded members in order to achieve the goal for better health outcomes in the municipality.”

In addition, Engr. Chris Vel P. Linao, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator of San Miguel wrote that “I’ve learned a lot from the discussions and exercises. All topics are indispensable thus very relevant as a leader who, in one way or another has the role of bringing his/her people to the place they’re never been before. I can say that I had equipped myself with new knowledge/learning out of the discussions.”

The municipalities of Roxas, Malangas, RT Lim, Sergio Osmena, Salug, and Siay completed Module 2 in Mardale Hotel Pagadian City on November 25-28 2014. Batch 2’s workshop was held on February 10-13, 2015 composed of Aurora, Dimataling, Imelda, Kumalarang, Molave, Payao, Leon Postigo, and Siocon. The municipalities of Sominot, Sindangan, San Miguel, Ramon Magsaysay, Pitogo, Liloy, Labangan, and Josefina attended the Batch 3 workshop on March 10-13, 2015. Batch 4 workshop was held on April 27-30, 2015 composed of Buug, Dinas, Diplahan, Gutalac, Mabuhay, Manukan, Titay, Midsalip, Tambulig, Jose Dalman, and V. Sagun. The trainings of Batches 2 to 4 were held at the Summit Circle Hotel in Cebu City.

All health teams from the municipalities that finished their trainings will undergo a six-month practicum before the final assessment for their colloquium.