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Mnistry of Teaching


What is the Colloquium all about?

  1. A two and a half day experience in which teachers and co-workers meet in quiet surroundings.
  2. an opportunity for teachers to reflect together on their work as  MINISTRY and its meaning to them.
  3. An opportunity to share experiences, problems and insights and thereby achieve integration within themselves and with their colleagues.
  4. it is not a retreat,  seminar or a workshop. This is simply a CONVERSATION.
  5. shared experience; groups of teachers talking about the meaning of their work.
  6. a venue to discover the joys and continuing challenges of the teaching ministry.
  7. The enrichment that this experience can bring them will, it is hoped, encourage teachers to continue to share their insights and problems with one another.

Among the topics presented for reflection and discussion are:

The Joy of Teaching   
Images of Self
Growth in Commitment
Unity Through Trust  
Images of God           
Conflict of Values                 
Teaching as a Ministry

The Colloquium was developed to serve this purpose:

provide teachers with the atmosphere and the attitude of mind appropriate for reflection on their individual and common tasks, and thus engender a process of collaboration for educational strength, development and reform in the years ahead.