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Master in Business Administration (MBA) – Revised Curriculum – Effective 2015

Ateneo de Zamboanga University
School of Management & Accountancy
Revised Curriculum – Effective 2015


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This Bridging Program is mandatory for new entrants whose undergraduate background is non-business related. This is to facilitate easy transition to the business and accounting learning paradigm. Students with non-business related undergraduate degree will be required to take bridging courses except when they have taken credits for business and accounting courses. To be exempted, the student must have earned at least nine (9) units Managementa course, at least (6) units Accountingb course and three (3) units Marketingc course.

This program is also open to students currently enrolled in the program whose undergraduate degrees are business related. New entrants with business-related degrees who wish to strengthen their management, accounting and marketing background may also enroll in this program.

The courses under the bridging program are as follows:

  • Principles of Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Operations and Service (Production) Management
  • Basic Finance & Accounting

These courses will be delivered in between trimesters as a pre-requisite for enrollment. Students who are required to take this Bridging Program should complete the Bridging Course Modules to qualify for admission to the MBA Program. The mandatory number of hours required for the whole program is 30 hours.

The bridging course fee is equivalent to two-unit worth of tuition fee. In the event of low-student registration, bridging courses will be delivered in tutorial basis.

a Principles of Management, Operations and Service (Production) Management, Human Resource (Personnel) Management,
bPrinciples of Accounting, Financial Accounting
cPrinciples of Marketing


This Bridging Program shall take effect 1st Trimester of SY 2015-2016. However, for those who are currently enrolled in the 3rd trimester SY 2014-2015 for the first time are required to take the bridging program.

Transferees who have completed at least12 units of business related subjects (of which one subject is accounting) are exempted from taking the Bridging Program.