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Management Department Curriculum (Non ABM Track) SY 2018-2019



The BS in Business Administration course has two track: 1) Entrepreneurial Management Track and 2) Corporate Management Track. The Entrepreneurial Track is designed to develop classic entrepreneurs. The students of this track will start their own business in their fourth year. The Corporate Track is designed to develop professional managers who are equipped to meet the demands of corporate businesses. The two tracks have strong industry-academe linkages in which owners of local establishments act as mentors of entrepreneurship track students in the operation of their business, and the faculty takes care of the theories, concepts, principles and other management practices.

The Entrepreneurial Management Track or the BSBA-Entre program develops students to become entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and values of responsibility and responsiveness to the needs of society. The focus of the program is on creation and innovation of new business concepts, processes, and systems that will be tested by the students in the local market through business incubation, and later launched as an enterprise.

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The Corporate Management Track or the BSBA-Corporate program prepares students for managerial and/or supervisory positions in companies. The focus is on strategic analysis and corporate development for competitiveness and performance. Under the course, students will undergo two major developmental programs: the Feasibility Study preparation and defense; and the Management Training Program. These programs will develop in the students strategic thinking and decision-making skills, knowledge, and attitudes for organizational development.

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BS in Office Administration

The BSOA program develops the skills, knowledge, and attitude of students in office administration and management, focusing on the development of clerical and office skills toward higher organizational productivity and efficiency. Under the program, students undergo internship with different private and government institutions as office staff to get first-hand experience in applying lessons learned in class.

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BS in Legal Management

The BSLM program develops the students’ understanding of legal concepts and procedures. Students undergo an internship program in local and/or national legal or legislative offices and institutions which provide them with exposure and experience in a work environment that apply the theories and principles learned in class. This program also serves as preparatory course for a degree in law.

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