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Local artist to exhibit work

Behind every painting is an artist and behind every artist is a story that’s waiting to be told. Rorie Tan-Aradanas was first exposed to art during her high school days. Even if she was already drawing during those times, she said that she still didn’t have the interest and enthusiasm to pursue the art field. Her affair with painting bloomed when her father passed away. Accordingly, it became a form of therapy for her. She was able to express her grief through painting.

When she finally decided to break away from her feelings of grief and bitterness, she started painting flowers. She said that doing this brought her happiness. One of her mentors was Saudi Ahmad, who taught her techniques in watercolor and oil. Aradanas did not depend on others to improve. “I tried my best by helping my own self.” She was her own critic, finding the flaws in her paintings and striving to improve them.

The subjects of her paintings are usually her thoughts and emotions. It’s through painting that she finds relief and tranquility. If she doesn’t want to voice out her feelings, she puts them all in painting. According to Aradanas, “You learn to forgive, to love again.” Speaking of love, she said that being an artist means always being in love and always admiring things. She said that without these feelings, you can’t paint. Through painting, she also feels closer to God because she learns to appreciate the beauty of his handicraft.

When asked what inspires her to continue painting, she explained by making a glass of water as an example. “I can do more than this.” she said. She said that if she placed it on canvas, she could make it look even better with a stroke of her brush. 

When you are into painting, according to Aradanas, “You keep on growing—growing with your thoughts, growing with your concept, your techniques.”

Expression from the Heart will be her third solo exhibit. It will officially open on June 8 at The Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University La Purisima Campus. The exhibition will be open until July 30.

Jemm De Leon
BS Mass Communication III