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Library General Rules

Library General Rules

  1. Observing SILENCE is the first and the most elementary rule of any library. Idle conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise disturb the clientele. Talking must be done in subdued tone.
  2. In order not to annoy other library patrons, activities such as eating, smoking, sleeping are not allowed in the library.
  3. Books in the reading areas should NOT be returned to their shelves but left on the tables (to avoid their being misplaced). However, individual volumes belonging to a set, such as encyclopedias, should be returned to their proper places.
  4. The clientele should always keep things in order. Every user is expected to push back the chair against the table when leaving the library.
  5. Students have unrestricted access to several volumes at the Reference, Filipiniana, ASRC and General Collection shelves. The Graduate Section, however, may be used only by members of the faculty, medical and graduate students. Undergraduate students may use graduate books with permission from the librarian .
  6. Registration
    – All students are required to register during enrollment before library card is issued.
    – Please bring a 1×1 picture during registration.

Use of Identification Card

All regular clientele must present a valid the Periodical, Reserve, CD and Special Areas whenever library materials are asked for. This card is not transferable.

One must get back his/her identification card after transactions are made at the counter. The library shall not hold responsibility for lost I.D.s after leaving the counter.

Control Section Procedures

Every library clientele should pin his/her I.D. upon entering the library.

Upon leaving the library, every user will be required to:

– Open and show contents of bags, attaché cases, big envelopes, folders.
– Show date due slips of every library material that he/she takes out.

Loaning Policicy for Circulated Books

Graduate Books
– loanable for one week or seven (7) days
– renewable for another seven days unless wanted by another user

Stack and General Collection books
– loanable for three (3) days
– renewable for another three days unless wanted by another patron

– loanable for one (1) week
– renewable for another week unless wanted by another user

Reserved Books

Reserved books are loaned for an hour at a time within the library only. Loaning is extended for another hour if there is no prior request by another user.

Reserved books may be checked out overnight for home study.

The following types of materials are for only in-library use only:

  • General References such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, yearbooks, etc.
  • Art books
  • Special Collections
  • Filipiniana materials
  • Theses/Dissertations
  • Periodicals
  • Non-print materials (video tapes, slides, microfiche)
  • CD – ROMs

Loaning Policy for Patrons

  • Undergraduate students are allowed to borrow three (3) books at a time.
  • Graduate students may keep five (5) books at a time.
  • Bonafide ADZU faculty members, including elementary and high school, are allowed to borrow two (2) books for every subject taught, up to a maximum of 15 books in all, for one (1) semester. Library books not clearly used for instruction purposes may be checked out two (2) at a time with the same time limits given to other library patrons.
  • Bonafide regular employees of the school are allowed to borrow two (2) books at a time with the same time limits given to other library patrons.

Fines and Other Penalties

For overdue books, the following fines are imposed:

  • Stack and browsing books including Fiction – P0.50 a day excluding Sundays and Holidays.
  • Reserved Books – P 1.00 for the first hour or a fraction of an hour; P0.50 per hour for the second and succeeding hours; P5.00 for each full day, including Saturday, if this is a service day.

Fines imposed will not exceed the current value of the book

A list of students who have overdue books and outstanding fines is posted at the bulletin board of the Main Library.

Damaged or Lost Books

When a book is lost, the borrower should report the loss immediately to the librarian. Otherwise, if the book becomes overdue, the borrower will have to pay the overdue fines accumulated until the day the loss is reported in addition to the amount to be paid for the replacement of the book.

Mutilation of library materials is a serious offense penalized by a fine equivalent to the cost of the replacement or restoration of the mutilated material. There might be an additional penalty of expulsion or suspension from the school depending on the gravity of the case.