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Library and AVR Policies


  1. The use of AV facilities and resources shall be restricted to school personnel, faculty members and recognized student associations on official business for Education and other related school activities. Instruction-related activities are given priority in the use of the AVR.

  2. Reservations can be made through the telephone. However, a reservation form must be filed out for confirmation. A reservation is considered confirmed only when it bears the signature, of the AV Coordinator.

  3. Notice of postponement/cancellation should be forwarded to the AV Office at least two-days before the scheduled activity.

  4. No class activity shall be allowed in the AV room without the presence of faculty members or adviser.

  5. Teachers/moderators are expected to preview slides, VHS tapes/VCDs/DVDs and other instructional materials two-days before the viewing.

  6. The person who made the reservation should be responsible in keeping the AVR clean and arranged after use.

  7. Refreshments are NOT allowed within the AV room.

  8. Members of the faculty or persons in-charge of the group using the facility are expected to take charge in the implementation of the all the rules/policies governing the use of the AVR and be held responsible for any damage done to the facility beyond the ordinary wear and tear.

  9. Any audiovisual facility being housed in the classroom such as; Overhead projector and Karaoke sound system shall be under the care of the Moderator of the particular class. He/she shall assume full responsibility in taking good care of equipment.

  10. NO AV facility shall be allowed for students’ use without the teacher’s note duly signed by him/her. The teacher whose signature appears on the note will be held responsible in returning the facility in good condition.

NOTE: The AV office reserves the right to cancel a confirmation in case of misinterpretation and or violation of any of the rules and regulations. Complaints regarding the use of the AV facilities and the service of the AV personnel should be addressed in writing to the AV Coordinator.



The following procedures are employed to maintain the physical and intellectual integrity of the various collections:


An inventory of books, audiovisual materials and equipment is conducted annually. The IMC personnel assume responsibility for the inventory of collections.

Lost Materials

The user is responsible for lost or missing materials. Criteria for replacement of lost material include the importance of the material to the collection, demand for the material and availability of the material.


Periodicals, which are to be bound, are sent to the bindery as soon as the volume is complete in order to preserve its integrity. Every effort is made to replace missing issues before a volume is bound; however, if usage warrants, the volume may be bound incomplete. Audio visual materials such as cds, vcds, vhs, cassette tapes are duplicated. Books are bound or rebound when usage, currency and relevance indicate a need.