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Leaving the University Campus

Leaving the University Campus

During school hours, no grade school student may leave the campus between the time of arrival and dismissal of classes without specific written permission from the Office of the Director of Student Services. This enables the Ateneo to know whether the student is in the campus. Grade 4-6 students are allowed to leave the campus during lunch time.

During class hours, a student should be at his/her assigned classroom during class hours and within the GS compound during free periods. Students are not allowed to leave the grounds before dismissal time without a written permission from the Director of the Office of Student Services.

During PE or intramurals period, all students are required to be with their respective sections throughout the entire period. No student may stay away fro his/her section. In the same manner during the activity period, the students should stay away their activity moderators at the designated places of activity.

No student may be called out during class hours except when he/she is given an official CALL SLIP signed by the Director of the Student Services or the Guidance Counselor. It is understood that except when the call slip says URGENT, the student should not leave the class during a test.

A student who does not feel well requests the teacher or Director of Student Services foe permission to go to the INFIRMARY. If the school nurse recommends that the student should go home, the Office of Students Services or the nurse will inform his/her parents. The parents or guardian(s) may come to get the child or someone may take him home from the school, as the situation requires. If the student does not need to go home, he/she is sent back to class with an admit-to-class slip from the School Nurse or the Office of the Student Services.