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Larunungan Kalinga Kapamilya Toy Drive

TO: AdZU Community
RE: Larunungan Kalinga Kapamilya Toy Drive

ABS-CBN in partnership with DepEd has initiated a project (Larunungan Kalinga Kapmilya Toy Drive) to collect used toys for the 1.9M children who will enter kindergarten this school year, 2011-2012, in 39,000 public schools and additional day care centers.They also invited AdZU to be one of their partners for the collection of the toys.

In line with this, we would like to invite the AdZU Community to SHARE or DONATE some used/old toys for the said project. Drop box is located near the Campus Ministry.

Here is the list of the preferred toys (guidelines from DepEd):
1. Puzzles
2. Multicolored Spindle
3. Fit-in geometric shapes
4. Wooden beads
5. Graded cylinders or any shapes with graduated sizes
6. Number, shapes and color sorter
7. Number play cubes
8. Colored cubes
9. Table blocks
10. Floor blocks
11. Domino type toys
12. Matching card games (games that encourage concentration)
13. Game boards
14. Learning charts
15. Activity books
16. Shape sorting games
17. Dolls
18. Lego
19. Dress up frames
20. Carpenter play tools
21. Garden play tools
22. Play dough materials
23. Doll bed with doll accessories
24. Peg board with 100 pegs
25. Inch cubes
26. Assessment box

additional guidelines from the DepEd:
* please refrain from giving toys that promote violence ,such as toy robots and toy swords, and other toys inappropriate for kids around 5 years of age.
* inappropriate (disregarded) toys shall also be accepted and shall be kept for future donation to other appropriate venues/recipients.

Please spread. Thank you and more power.