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Kolodyaan II: Makulay na Pakikipagbahagian

years since the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA) of 1997 was signed, our
Indigent brothers and sisters work tirelessly to have their identity
recognized. AdZU Center for Community Extension Services (CCES), in partnership
with the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), in acknowledgement
of the strides that the community has taken towards inclusive development,
organized this year’s Kolodyaan II, a celebration of the Indigenous Peoples
(IPs) of Zamboanga.

event focused on celebrating the individualities and strengths of each tribe.
Held last October 27-28, 2018 at Campo Uno Tribal Hall, Kolodyaan II was
attended by the five (5) recognized tribes in Zamboanga City including, the Sama
Bangingis from Simariki, Subanen from Monte Central, Campo Uno and Limpapa, Bajaus,
Yakans from Manicahan and Kalibugans.

the theme Pagpapalakas ng Pagkakakilanlan at Kaugalian ng mga Katutubong
Pamayanan tungo sa Pagkakaisa at Kapayapaan, this year’s Kolodyaan highlighted
the importance of recognizing the IP tribes, their rich cultures, unparalleled
talents and resources, and invaluable contributions to society.

of the stay-in celebration included cultural presentations from the different
tribes including the Mongigal and Gandingans. In the evening, different
activities showcasing the talents of the IPs were held including the poem
writing contest, Indigenous Knowledge and Practices Exhibit contest, sharing of
cultural folklores, and more.

celebration was supported by different agencies and individuals including the
Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representatives (IPMR), local government of
Patalon, Limpapa and Labuan, Philippine News Agency, Labuan Police Station,
Labuan Central School, 11th Infantry Battalion, Labuan Coastguard, Zamboanga
Ecozone, Limpapa Central School, NCIP, the different IPMRs, Labuan Patalon
Limpapa Indigenous Cultural Communities (LPICC), and more.

has been committed to the mission of forming leaders who will work for social
transformation. Kolodyaan I, which centered on community-based education, was
the first step towards fulfilling this mission. With Kolodyaan II, AdZU wishes
to fulfill its vision of addressing needs in community development,
intercultural dialogue, and the common good.