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It’s Official: College Entrance Exam Waived!


The College Entrance Exam is WAIVED for:

  • Incoming first-year college students and shifters enrolling for SY 2020–2021
  • Transferees and returnees enrolling beginning this June 2020 for the Summer Classes.

These special considerations are AdZU’s expressions of cura personalis to our prospective students who would want to be formed by the quality of Ateneo education amidst this pandemic situation.

This is to ensure the health and safety of our students who are not even allowed to go out of their residences during this time of the pandemic.

In lieu of the Entrance Examination, please note the following:
1. Incoming Freshmen who have taken and passed the Entrance Examination are already assured of admission to Ateneo de Zamboanga University, including especially those who have gotten at least the minimum required score for the board program of their choice.
2. Incoming Freshmen who have taken but did not pass the Entrance Examination are advised to re-apply to the Admissions and Aid Office, subject to the succeeding provisions
3. Incoming Freshmen applying to ADZU board programs will be admitted only if they fulfill the program’s minimum GPA requirement as shown in their Senior High School Report Cards (Form 138). Each board program sets its own minimum GPA requirement. If not fulfilled, they may enroll in another program which does not require board examination later on.
4. Transferees and returnees are most welcome to enroll in ADZU beginning June-July 2020 session, provided they submit necessary documents to the Admissions and Aid Office.
5. Transferees and returnees opting to enroll in board programs are required to have attained the equivalent minimum GPA requirement of the particular program applied for in the last semester in their previous school. Otherwise, they can enroll in other ADZU programs requiring no board examinations later on.

Contact the College Admissions and Aid Office 0927 7705888 / 09082613133 or PM