The Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School Instructional Media Center (IMC) consists of the library or print resources, the audiovisual/non-print or multi-sensory resources and the Internet Access Area. Both the Library and the Audiovisual Office offer print and non-print materials that are especially prepared, selected, organized, evaluated and administered for the purpose of classroom instruction. Furthermore, the Internet access area is especially provided for the purpose of accessing significant information for research projects and homework.

“The school media center is central to the instructional program of a school. Its main purpose is to provide service to the faculty, students, and administration in accessing information, developing research strategies and in the utilization of media. The media center program strengthens and improves the instruction in the school by developing in students lifelong learning skills and a love for reading.” (Betty J. Morris, 1992Administering the School Library Media Center.)