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I-Speak, Stories of Social Truths

In line with the celebration of the National Arts Month and World Day of Social Justice on February 20, the Ateneo Peace and Culture Institute (APCI), in cooperation with the Center for Performing Visual Arts (CPVA), will host a documentary film festival dubbed as I-Speak, Stories of Social Truths on February 20, 2012, Monday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Brebeuf Gymnasium, Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

This project aims to expose students to social realities. It also aims to provide students an opportunity to creatively express their views on social issues through a film.

The i-Speak documentary film project is exclusive to students enrolled in ITMM and FFP-NSTP classes. This will also serve as their final requirement for the class. There will be two categories for judging, Category A (Advanced) for ITMM classes and Category B (Novice) for FFP classes. Their entries must also focus on one significant issue/problem of different social structures in relation to Peace and Development present in the city.

Entries will be recognized according to the following awards:

The i-Speak Award for Peace Advocacy

  • The award goes to the documentary film that best captures the essence of being an advocate of peace and development in the city. The film suggests a clear and tangible solution to the social issue/problem focused on, thus giving essence of hope to the audience.

The i-Speak Award for Narrative Flow

  • The award goes to the writer of the documentary film that has been able to inscribe the social issue/problem featured through the use of effective words. The story is presented has an organized structure and follows the basic rules of story writing.

The i-Speak Award for Editing

  • The award goes to the documentary film with the clearest editing. The documentary is visually engaging. The music score chosen portrays the scenes appropriately and renders a successful blend of visual and sound effect.

The i-Speak Award for Directing

  • The award goes to the director of the documentary film that best captures the chosen issue/problem. Through the documentary, the director has been able to deliver clearly the message to the audience with the aid of shots taken to reinforce it. The combination of all the elements in the documentary produced a harmonious outcome free of nuisance parts and scenes.


The i-Speak Award for Cinematography

  • Cinematography is the heart of a motion picture. Although the director determines the action and blocking of a given scene, it is the cinematographer who looks through the camera to catch the moment of the film; which includes the lighting effects and camera choices during the production. The I-Speak Award for Cinematography goes to the documentary whose cinematographer has been able to translate how the camera captures the photographic impression of the director’s vision.

The i-Speak Award for Storytelling

  • The award goes to the narrator or storyteller in the documentary which is most successful in narrating the pertinent information in the documentary. He/she has exhibited sincerity and excellent articulation in the process of storytelling. The host has been able to engage the subjects and audience through effective verbal and non-verbal communication strategies in the documentary.

The i-Speak Award for Poster Design.

  • The award goes to the layout artist who has been able to creatively represent the essence of the documentary film through a poster. The poster should not only be catchy but also gives a sense of intrigue to the target audience to watch the film.

This project is an avenue for Ateneans to speak and let their voices be heard about the different social issues in the region.

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