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i-Speak: Stories of Social Truths Awards Ceremony

The Ateneo Peace and Culture Institute (APCI) hosted the third i-Speak: Stories of Social Truths Awards Ceremony in celebration of the National Arts Month and the World Day of Social Justice on February 20. The 54 i-Speak documentary film entries, a substantial increase from last year’s 35 docufilms, were produced by First-year Formation Program (FFP) students as a deliverable for their “Self and Society” module. The i-Speak project seeks to immerse the Atenean in different social realities, to facilitate a deeper understanding of the complexity of these realities, and to serve as catalyst for reflection and future action in the service of the society: a voice for the voiceless.

The Awards Ceremony was held on February 15 at the Carlos Dominguez Conference Hall to recognize exemplary efforts in the following areas:

i-Speak Technical Awards (given to films that excelled in the following technical areas: narrative flow, editing, directing, videography, storytelling, and poster design)

i-Speak Thematic Awards (given to films that best highlighted the different dimensions of peace: Living in Harmony with the Earth, Nurturing Inner Peace, Upholding Active Non-Violence, Building Cultural Solidarity, and Promoting Gender Sensitivity)

i-Speak Special Commendations (given to individuals who personified the virtues of Hope, Solidarity, Persistence, and Courage)

i-Speak Award for Peace Advocacy (given to the top four films that showcase the essence of a social documentary)

These awards were presented to the following:

The i-Speak Technical Awards

i-Speak Award for Directing

For excellently delivering a clear message to viewers through the harmonious combination of the documentary film elements.

Director: Mark Kim Tayona, Deliver Us From Evil (FFP/ROTC-X)

i-Speak Award for Narrative Flow

For admirably framing the social issue through the effective use of words and coherently presenting the story in an organized story-telling structure.

Writer: Jayzee Martinez, Deliver Us From Evil (FFP/ROTC-X)

i-Speak Award People’s Choice for Poster Design Award

For having the most visually appealing poster that draws the eye for a second look:

organized, neat, informative, and adds to the essence of the documentary film.

Writer: Jamie Catherine Go, Alon (FFP/NSTP-I)

i-Speak Award for Storytelling

For superbly engaging the viewers through excellent narration and articulation and expressing sincerity and empathy using verbal and non-verbal means.

Host: Al-Assad Ibrahim, Patintero ni Mang Arturo (FFP/NSTP-B)

i-Speak Award for Videography

For exemplarily translating and capturing to video the spirit of the social storyline.

Videographer: Darrylene Clemente, Patintero ni Mang Arturo (FFP/NSTP-B)

i-Speak Award for Editing

For commendably selecting and combining multiple slots and blending it with appropriate visual and sound effects and music to create a creative and engaging film.

Editor: Mark Kim Tayona, Deliver Us From Evil (FFP/ROTC-X)

i-Speak Award for Peace Advocacy

For ideally portraying the essence of being a Peace Advocate in the film, suggesting clear and doable solutions to the social issue, and giving a sense of hope to the viewers.

Film: Deliver Us From Evil (FFP/ROTC-X)

Film: Patintero ni Mang Arturo (FFP/NSTP-B)

Film: Setler (FFP/NSTP-H)

Film: Alon (FFP/NSTP-I)

The i-Speak Special Commendations

The i-Speak HOPE Special Commendation

For sharing her life story of invincible dedication to overcome the challenges of poverty to attaina quality education, moving the viewer to reflect on the things that matter but are usually taken for granted, and inspiring others to find light amidst the darkness.

Joan Francisco, Gulong (FFP-N)

The i-Speak SOLIDARITY Special Commendation

For daring to live out of his comfort zone and immersing himself with a Badjao family for a week—to be in solidarity with a culture completely different from his own—begging and diving for coins at Paseo del Mar, playing and dancing to the tune of the can-drums, fishing and selling his catch at the market.

Geral Ekong, Piso (FFP-Z)

The i-Speak COURAGE Special Commendation

For her dedication to experience a life of a garbage collector, making a living off what others have discarded, exposing herself to the dangers of the swamp and risking her health.

Mely Enriquez, MiRequiezas (FFP-K)

The i-Speak PERSISTENCE Special Commendation

For leaving behind life’s luxuries: electronic gadgets, money, and the comfort of home, family, and friends to experience the challenges of hiking to the mountaintop, living a life of farming,pasturing, and charcoal-making.

Rodney Angelo Galvez, Vida na Monte (FFP/ROTC-Y)

The i-Speak Thematic Commendations

The i-Speak Commendation for “Living with the Earth”

For its special focus on environmental issues in Zamboanga City such as pollution, improper waste disposal, and poor hygiene and the consequent detrimental effects of all these on health.

Film: Tao Lang


The i-Speak Commendation for “Nurturing Inner Peace”

For its special focus on the life stories of three men who were lured by the ephemeral promise of drugs, castigated by society for their misstep, and shunned by family and friends; and yet, seemingly beyond all hope, struggled to find love and redemption in their lives.

Film: Deliver Us From Evil (FFP/ROTC-X)

The i-Speak Commendation for “Upholding Active Non-Violence”

For its special focus on the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) multi-player online battle arena and the negative effects of addiction and the subliminal messages of violence it communicates.

Film: Defense of the Ancients: The Aftermaths (FFP/NSTP-A)

The i-Speak Commendation for “Building Cultural Solidarity”

For its special focus on the importance of immersing oneself in the social realities of an ethno-linguistic group to better understand their context and behavior and hopefully pave the way for improved development initiatives.

Film: Piso (FFP/NSTP-Z)

The i-Speak Commendation for “Promoting Gender Sensitivity”

For its special focus on the commonly ignored and misunderstood reality that is homosexuality and showcasing challenges that members of the third sex constantly face in their lives everyday.

Film: This is Me (FFP/NSTP-T)