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Hostage Intruders Force


(Code BLACK)

Hostage taking situations, whether limited in scope or mass hostage taking has the element of surprise, force, and violence by the hostage takers. 

Considering the time and space needed to act in this kind of situation, the Police will not be able to react on time and to cover the distance to prevent or stop the hostage taking to occur. 

1.     Campus Lockdown

2.     RAID-QRF engagement to prevent the hostile elements from achieving their objectives.

3.     Immediate information must be relayed to Police, Military and other law enforcement agencies. USO/Administrator / UNSC / PMT / President / Head of Office, or any member of the ADZU community can make the Emergency Call to 117 or 166

4.     The RAID-QRF team has a mandate to protect life and property, hence, will do everything in its capacity to prevent its occurrence.  Under any circumstance, the use of force, including firearms is justifiable only by virtue of the Doctrine of Self-Defense. When all peaceful and non-violent means have been exhausted, the use of Force will be applied including firearms especially in the protection of LIFE.  This will give the Police enough lead time to react to the situation and to send reinforcements.

5.     Proper engagement will be used to influence or warn offenders / suspects to stop and peacefully give up. Force on Force principle will be applied.

6.     When in imminent danger, only reasonable force must be applied and sufficient enough to subdue the offender or intruder with the end in view of preventing or stopping the violence.

7.     In cases of actual shoot-out, indiscriminate firing will be avoided. The USO shall exercise full control and will fire only when necessary especially in the protection of life.

8.     Immediate removal of the casualty shall be done by the proper law enforcement agency / Police.

9.     Official Police and internal ADZU investigation will immediately be done.


(Code BLACK)

1.     The ADZU community in principle must report all intrusions to any security personnel, PNP or the University Security Office.

2.     Intruders when caught, will be temporarily handcuffed, detained and investigated by the USO and turned over to the Police.

3.     Persons to be arrested shall not be subject to any greater restrain than is necessary for his detention.

4.     Spot reports will be required to log important information for possible filing of charges in court or for police information and coordination.