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High School OIC

September 19, 2011

To        :  Ateneo Community

From     :  Miss Janet A Fernandez

Re        :  High School Officer-In-Charge

I will be out of town from September 20 to 28, 2011 to attend the CEAP Conference in Davao and JBEC Principals’ and Assistant Principals’ Meeting in Naga.  Miss Rosie M. Hong and Ms Ruth R Guerrero will be traveling with me.

During my absence, Mr Pilamer J Araneta will be the Officer In-Charge.  He will be assisted by Mr Roderick V Baluca, Mrs Evelyn Q Bugayong and Ms Charissa R Ibañez.

Matters needing my attention will be coursed to Mr Pilamer J Araneta and his team.

God bless!