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Guidelines on Students’ AdZU sponsored Google Account


Google has a wide range of applications (Google apps) that were especially developed to help both students and teachers. These apps are free. However, before one can make use of them, he or she needs an account.


The Ateneo de Zamboanga University acknowledged the opportunities that the Google apps present. Thus, the CITS have forged a partnership with Google to take advantage of what they have to offer especially the numerous apps under the Google in Education program. These apps could be used by the instructors (and/or professors) for the conduct of any educational activity especially the delivery lessons.

The AdZU sponsored Google account will have the “” domain name. An “edu” domain email can be very useful for students who would like to avail of scholarships, research grants and assistances, and similar offers and opportunities in the web.


Creation and Activation of Google accounts

Accounts are created automatically for enrolled students. Right after enrollment, students can already start using their Google account.

Termination of accounts

The purging of the records will be done every first week of July. During this time, the accounts of students who have already graduated and those who are no longer connected with the University for whatever reason, are terminated.


The University also reserves the rights to terminate AdZU sponsored Google accounts as it deem fit. In addition, Google can also suspend or terminate accounts based on its terms, conditions and policies (

Scope of this policy

This policy covers the college and graduate school students only.


Revisions and updates of this policy

This policy shall be subjected to review every year to ensure that the changing demands of time are addressed.