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Guidelines for the Conduct of Club/Org Activities

for the Conduct of Club/Org Activities

• Check with the following for the reservation of venue:

OSA Marc Zuriel
Rabanal/ Christopher Sarsoza /Lando Escultor

College Registrar


Library (for AVR
and CDCH)

• Obtain clearance
from the Office of the Vice President for Administration for

• Use of Amplified
Sounds – Please see guidelines

• Submit the ff to
the OSA 3 days (in-campus) and 7 days (out-of-campus) before the event

• Parents’ Consent
and Waiver Form (OSA sample)

• Medical
Certificate (as needed)

• List of
participating students (alphabetized)

• Itinerary/Schedule
of activities

• Students must wear
their IDs at all times in the campus

• Provide a copy of
this letter to the USO

• Moderator/s must
stay with the participants for the entire duration of the activity (1 moderator
for every 20 students)

• For Sports events,
make sure that Infirmary personnel (medic) is present at all times

• For food services,
avail of trusted catering services only

• Provide separate
rooms/quarters for sleeping (male and female)

• Approved Itinerary
must be strictly followed

• Start and end
activity on time

• Make sure to turn
off the lights/air conditioning units/electric fans and faucets when not in use

• For outsiders,
present any valid ID upon entering the campus

• Maintain
cleanliness (dispose trash properly at all times)

• No boisterous
laughing at all times

• Keep event sounds
at a moderate level

• Keep emergency
exits free at all times

The rules of the
college student handbook shall apply in all approved University functions and
activities off-campus (AdZU college handbook 7.8.6)