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Grade School Online Election ‘2010

Grade School Online Election ‘2010

The Ateneo Grade School Student Government Organization had its election last Monday, July 28, 2010. For this school year and for the first time, the students casted their votes through the use of computer units using the Automated Election scheme. This was made possible with the generous assistance of Mr. Raymond Ong and Genner Cerna.

Installation of the New Student Leaders

President: Meela Rixsa A. Alfad
Vice President: Jericho C. Ortega
Secretary: Alessi Chloie T. Alvarez
Treasurer: Victoria AnnGuingona


  1. Gerald Ace B. Wee
  2. Kathrina D. Gonzales
  3. Kaithlynne Reyes
  4. Antonette Felix A. Calimot
  5. Miguel Carlos C. Muin
  6. Jonahue Potentiano
  7. Neeza Fereze A. Hasiman
  8. Krizelda B. Lacandalo
  9. Aisha Palma
  10. Peter Emmanuel C. Valmonte
  11. Fatima Beatrice Diaz
  12. Matthew Lagonera