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Grade School Intramurals 2011

Grade School Intramurals 2011
By: Catleya Llorente

Cheerful eaglets once again filled Ateneo de Zamboanga University with a festive spirit as the Grade School Unit formally opens Intramurals 2011.

It was 28th of July when the grade school community had the opportunity to show to the people of Zamboanga the true spirit of sportsmanship as they were united to march with honour and pride with their school colors in a grand parade.

The celebration highlighted the excellent cheering presentations of the different grade levels wherein it emphasizes the unified concept of “sports” and “citizenship”. Indeed, all the grade levels deserved to be congratulated for their respective successful performances and of course, for they made the day’s afternoon a heart-stopping one.

Thus, in recognition of the considerable effort exerted by the teachers and students of the different grade levels in coming up with such a great presentation, they were awarded with as follows:

Grade 1 : Most Applauded

Grade 2: Most Unique

Grade 3: Best in Props and Costume

Grade 4: Most Creative

Grade 5: Best in Choreography

Grade 6: Most Organized

More so, parents and teachers are also worthy to be congratulated for being successful in providing the opportunity to the students to be engaged in an activity that augmented their educational experience and for being the supportive link in making them become well-rounded individuals.