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Gonzaga: Ready for Occupancy – Soon! (Conclusion)

Rebuilding Updates

The Big Rebuild: The Second Phase of Rebuilding


and bold ideas loomed in the boardroom of a plan to re-build –
initially, only of new buildings to replace what was lost in the fire
and to address pressing needs in facilities. However, in the course of
conversations and consultations, a greater need surfaced that has to be
addressed – that of a bigger re-build involving the entire university.
Dubbed “the BIG Rebuild,” the plan will now consist of a comprehensive
Campus Development Plan.

fire incident served as an opportunity for us to think big… plan for a
better ADZU,” Fr President affirmed in his presentation during the
August meeting of the Board of Trustees.

need for facilities such as classrooms, however, has been a perennial
problem,” reported Fr President, “but this became even more pronounced
after the fire.” Add to this is the advent of the Senior High School in
the La Purisima campus. “More classrooms and laboratories are needed
more than ever, among other facilities,” he added.

in the Big Rebuild is a new building for classrooms and offices and a
multi-level, multi-purpose complex building that will be the new home of
a sports gym, an auditorium-cum-conference hall, a cafeteria, and rooms
for seminars and meetings. Included also in the Big Plan is the
exploration of business potentials that would capitalize on the
University’s strategic location at the heart of the city.

an estimated cost of loss and damages at 100M and a corresponding
multi-hundred million worth rebuilding project, there is still much to
be done especially in terms of raising the much needed funds. “Raising
funds for these is a priority of the University,” said Fr President.

The Challenge Ahead

the plan for a new building, Fr President said that the University will
have to undertake a major fund raising campaign. “This is one of the
challenging tasks ahead,” he said.

assist him in undertaking the challenging tasks ahead, Fr President
Karel San Juan, SJ, appointed director of the Center of Information
Technology Services (CITS) Engr Eugene Kanindot as Assistant for
Rebuilding, effective 8 August 2016.

Kanindot is tasked with assisting Fr President in planning, managing,
and supervising activities related to the rebuilding of facilities
affected by the fire; coordinating the support of donors and friends
including donations, fund-raising events, services, information, and
materials; and providing information to the public on updates and
progress on the rebuilding process.

Raising funds is a priority of the University… This is one of the challenging tasks ahead.