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General Policies

  1. Silence shall be observed  anytime and in any part of the library. Mobile phones, should be switched to silent mode before entering the library.
  2. Food and drinks are not allowed in the library.
  3. Books in the Reading Area should NOT be returned to their shelves but must be left on the table.
  4. Library  patrons must ensure that Library materials checked out to them are returned or renewed on or before the date due.
  5. Books in the reading areas should NOT be returned to their shelves but left on the table, except for individual volumes belonging to a set, such as encyclopedia. 
  6. Every library patron should  pin his/her ID upon entering the library.
  7. Mutilation and stealing  will be duly penalized.
  8. Upon leaving the library, library patrons should:
    1. Open and  show contents of bag/s, big envelopes, folders etc.
    2. Show date due  slip of every library material that he/she takes out.

Community and School Group Visits

Off campus groups may arrange a tour or orientation to the library. 

The guided tours must be arranged not less than a week before scheduled date and are dependent upon the availability of the librarian.  For more information, contact  our Reference Librarian at 991 0871 (2231) or send us an email through

Who can access AdZU Libraries?
  • Campus Card Holders
    • Faculty, students, staff;
    • AdZU alumni; and
    • Part-time faculty and staff.
  • Library Affiliated Groups
    • Silsilah Library staff
  • General Public (Visitors)
    • Identification card or visitor pass is required for entry.