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Guidance Office

Guidance Office Programs and Services

The guidance programs and services are interrelated and integrated in the academe to guide students in their holistic developmental growth.

  • ORIENTATION SERVICE  acquaints students and their parents on the school’s vision and mission, philosophy, personnel, facilities, students’ services and the different guidance programs that aim towards students’ holistic development.
  • HOMEROOM GUIDANCE PROGRAM provides wholesome learning experiences in the classroom that will foster positive attitudes, behaviors and values and improve relationship between teachers and students.
  • COUNSELING SERVICE   assists students in their personal, emotional,  social, moral,  and academic growth that leads to becoming responsible, socially-oriented, intellectually competent, and spiritually matured individuals.
  • GROUP GUIDANCE SERVICE   supports each student in a group, to understand why he/she feels the way he/she does by providing students with actual interaction in order to develop their  capacity to relate well.
  • TESTING SERVICE aims to determine students mental ability, personality, emotional intelligence and interests by   administering various standardized intelligence, aptitude,  personality and interest tests  that will help students become aware of their achievement level, inclinations,  and psychological maturity and be given the proper intervention.
  • CAREER GUIDANCE SERVICE–  helps students identify their interests, skills and abilities; and gain information on future career opportunities in the global work environment that leads to a wise and noble career decision in the future.
  • INDIVIDUAL INVENTORY SERVICE-  aims tokeep an orderly and systematic records of students’ personal information which are stored in a secured place for the purpose of profiling, monitoring, and evaluation in terms of their academic and personal-social development.
  • FOLLOW-UP SERVICE– conducts home visitation and other follow up activities when necessary to monitor levels of development of the clients.
  • RESEARCH– conducts further studies to address complexities of learning and other concerns that may affect the students, teachers and parents. Also conducts a regular evaluation of the guidance programs to monitor its effectiveness and adequacy in compliance to the university curriculum.
  • SERVICES FOR TEACHERS AND PARENTS– aims to equip teachers and parents of the necessary skills needed to address the concerns of their children by conducting sessions such as parenting sessions for parents  and guidance sessions for teachers as well as providing  information through leaflets and brochures.