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July 17, 2016 

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Dear ADZU community,

Since the July 7 fire incident, support in all forms have been coming and our community is truly humbled and extremely grateful for the show of support from all over the country especially from our alumni, sister schools, and partners in society. All these initiatives are very much welcome and we are truly grateful for all these. From organizing fundraisers, to selling merchandise for the benefit of the different offices and organizations affected, to selling tickets to the IGNACIO DE LOYOLA screenings,  all these initiatives and efforts truly highlight the spirit of generosity and care of the ADZU community for our very own Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Truly, no Atenean gets left behind.

To make coordination, monitoring and evaluation of fundraising and events to ‪#‎RebuildADZU‬ more efficient, the Events and Fundraising Team humbly requests the different individuals, offices, and organizations who are doing their fundraising initiatives to please fill up this Fundraising Proposal Form Template (

It contains all pertinent information which the Events and Fundraising Team need to properly evaluate, monitor, and coordinate proposals for endorsement and approval.

As per the University Memo released last July 12, 2016, all fundraising events should be coordinated with the Events and Fundraising team. Proposals will be forwarded “to the President for approval. Once approved, the Events and Fundraising committee shall coordinate with all proponents to
streamline events, to ensure quality, and to maximize yield.”

Thank you for helping ADZU recover. Together, we will help recover all the losses and soar higher as ‪#‎OneAteneo‬.

Rising with you,

Kiko Miranda
Events and Fundraising Committee Head
Ateneo de Zamboanga University