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Formation Programs


Status  Formation Components

Probationary 1

Probationary 2

Probationary 3



  • Vision and Mission of ADZU



Ignatian Spirituality
( Mission and Identity)

Part I

  • Orientation for New Faculty and Staff

Part II

  • ISEW
  • Ignatian Spirituality and Leadership Seminar
  • Colloquium for the Ministry of Teaching (Faculty)
  • Colloquium for the Ministry of Work

( Staff)

  • Colloquium for the Ministry of Teaching

( Faculty-10 years)

  • Colloquium for the Ministry of Work (Staff-10 years)


  • 3- day Retreat per unit
  • Holy Week Retreat


  • Holy Week Recollection
  • Inner Sacred Space

(Prayer Workshop)

  • Retreat in Daily Life (19th Annotation)
  • Seminar on Retreat Giving and Spiritual Direction.
  • 8 day Retreat for Administrators
  • Center for Ignatian Spirituality (CIS) Modules on Spiritual Direction
  • “Season of Hope“


  • Opening Recollection                                     ▪  Annual Advent Recollection and Christmas Party with ADZU employees
  • Conversation Circles (ICGC)                          ▪  Year-End Gathering
  • Holy Spirit Mass                                                               ▪  Opening of Ramadan
  • Grand Pagbuka                                                                ▪  Pilgrimage to Fort Pilar                                                             
  • Advent/Christmas Celebration: Love Drive, Website              Note: We are highly encouraged to join in these institutional activities.
  • Lenten Celebration: Institutional Way of the Cross                                                
  • Theological Dialogue
  • Intra-Faith Dialogue 1
  • Intra-Faith Dialogue 2
  • Inter-Faith Dialogue 1
  • Inter-Faith Dialogue 2


  • Faith That Does Justice
  • Catholic Social Teaching 1
  • PITO: Stewardship of Creation (3 days )Sensitivity Seminar
  • Outreach
  • Gender Sensitivity Training

( 2.5 days )

  • Outreach
  • Giving Retreats and Recollections to Groups in ADZU and outside (by Invitation)
  • Immersion (2 weeks)
  • Catholic Social Teachings 2
  • Summer of Service (1month)
  • Giving Retreats and Recollections to Groups in ADZU and outside

(by Invitation)


  • Peace and Culture
  • Cultura de Paz
  • Mi Istorya
  • History of Mindanao
  • Subanen, Muslim,

Christian Stories

  • Paglaum (or Deepening Sessions)
  • Introduction to Conflict Transformation
  • Peace Advocacy
  • Paglaum
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Active Non-violence


  • Psycho- emotional Development
  • English communication enhancement
  • Customer relations training
  • Personal visioning
  • Interpersonal communication and relations management
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Developing assertiveness
  • Work-life balance (time and self management)
  • Work-life balance (time and self management)
  • Leadership training
  • “Life after life”(Life Transitions: Exploring options for after retirement)
  • Yoga/Taichi/Shibashi/Guided Imagery                                  ▪  Coping with grief and loss
  • Living a healthy lifestyle (in coordination with clinic)         ▪  The art of Happiness
  • Stress management                                      Note: Open to all faculty and staff. All  department heads are highly
  • Coping with burn-out encourage to take advantage of these program according to their needs.
  • Coping with grief and loss                                                            ▪  Basic counseling skills
  • Managing marriage and family life                                             ▪  Dealing with life transitions
  • Dealing with depression                                                                              Note: These are Special topics by invitation.

Student Formation

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Fifth Year