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Fomation – CM – Campus Ministry Program


Holy Spirit Mass

Characterization: Special Mass attended by the whole Grade School Community.

Aim: Welcome the new School Year with guidance of the Holy Spirit and to make the children realize the importance of having the Holy Spirit in their life.

Feast of St. Iqnatius of Loyola

Characterization: A week celebration with activities such as film viewing for all students, poster making, prayer writing, story telling contest, novena prayer and                         community mass.

October Devotion

Characterization: A month celebration with activities as praying the rosary, visitation of the blessed Virgin in every classroom.

Aim: Honor the blessed Virgin on her Feast day. Teach the children the many virtues of Mary as a model for them to follow.

Christmas Love Drive and Campaign

Characterization: Christmas campaign for clothing, toys,food and other donations for those who are less fortunate.

Aim; Teach the children the essence of sharing and giving.

New Year’s Mass

Characterization: Special mass for the whole grade school community.

Aim: Welcome the New Year with guidance from the Lord.


Grade Six Recollection

Characterization: A whole day affair for the Grade Six students.

Aim: Prepare the graduating class for a more prepared life in junior high school nand how being faithful to the Lord can help them in their                               journey to a new stage in life.


First Confession / Holy Communion

Characterization: The Grade 3 students had their First Confession/Communion. Their parents attended special recollection beforehand. Confession for                               Grade 4-6 students once in a quarter usually in preparation for religious celebrations/occasions.

Aim: Integrated the importance of the seven sacraments especially the Reconciliation. prepare parents for a more intrinsic role in guiding their children as they received the sacrament of reconciliation.