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Fire Safety Measures

04 October 2011




To ensure fire safety in our campuses, I would like to inform our community of some measures that we are undertaking.

1. Routine check-up of:

a. all electrical wirings and outlets per building. Major rewiring shall be done per building;
b. Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alarms; Orientation on the use of Fire Extinguishers be incorporated in the FFP-NSTP c/o SACSI Office;

2. On the conduct of over-night activities in campus: briefing on “Safety Protocols” should be included; a general meeting of all in-charge shall be conducted c/o the ADZU Security Council;

3. More proactive coordination among units/offices and the University Security Office on the conduct of activities beyond school/office hours as we are implementing a specific schedule for “Campus Shutdown/Lockdown” (per building-per floor shutdown of breakers and lockdown of rooms 10:00 PM-5:00AM).

4. Creation of “Quick Response Teams”. Night Team Leaders are Bro Raymund E Belleza SJ and Engr Aldrina A Hitalia;

5. Assigning of a Team Leader for the Security Guards per shift;

We need the cooperation and commitment of each and every member of our AdZU community to promote our Fire Safety measures. Let us all be vigilant as we enforce our fire safety measures. Avoid the placement of fire hazard materials near electrical outlets. If you notice any faulty electrical wiring or outlet, please report to the Physical Plant Office immediately. Switch-off fans, lights, or air con units especially in the classrooms when no one is using them. Promoting our fire safety measures also means fostering a greener AdZU.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Antonio F Moreno SJ

Memo: 11-12:18