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Energy Conservation

The university owns about 700+ computers. Electricity consumption over the last years have increased due to increase in the use of technology–oriented equipment and facilities. Indicated below are the average consumption of equipment in an hour.




130 watts


75 watts


55 watts

Laptop Computer

11 watts

Dot Matrix Printer

50 watts when printing/26 watts when idle

Laser Printer

300 watts when printing/150 watts when idle

Inkjet Printer

10 watts when printing 3 watts when idle

Example computation. Assuming the university operates 700 computers at 8 regular hours a day, 287 days a year x. 130 kwh x php5.00/kwh, the total cost of electricity used is Php1,044,680.00. This is equivalent to 20% of the total electricity bill of the university.

To conserve energy, all offices are requested to follow one simple rule – Turn computers and printer off when not in use. Do not leave equipment turned on if left for a long period. In general, thirty minutes is considered a long period. Following this simple step can contribute to 10% savings.