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Electoral Guidelines from Today until Election Day

15 January 2010




Election period has started last 10 January 2010.  After consulting the Core Presidential Management Team, I am releasing these guidelines for our community as signposts for our electoral engagement.

1.      AdZU as an institution remains to be non-partisan and affiliated with NAMFREL.  As an institution, it will not campaign for or against any candidate or political party.  Individual members of AdZU can campaign, but they should not use the name or the resources of the Ateneo.  Individual AdZU members could be commissioned by candidates for political adverts and poll surveys, but again not as representatives of AdZU.  They are not to use the resources of AdZU or their work time here in AdZU for political purposes.

2.      Political campaigns (including posting of political adverts, giving political leaflets, accessing internet) are not allowed inside our campuses.  In few occasions when we have candidates forum, political campaigns will be allowed only inside the venue.

3.      A political forum consists of at least two candidates/parties.  No forum will be allowed only for one political candidate/party.

4.      From now on until 10 May 2010, individuals representing AdZU (including AdZU offices, university-based and student organizations) are NOT allowed to solicit funds or sponsorships from political candidates.  This is to preserve the non-partisan character of our institution during the election period.

5.      Since June 2009 AdZU has been meeting with the Archdiocese of Zamboanga for our electoral engagement.  The partnership is all about NAMFREL-PPCRV collaboration (AdZU being affiliated with NAMFREL and the Archdiocese with PPCRV).  SACSI with the assistance of the Social Development Council will be the main proponent of our electoral engagement.

6.      Everyone in our community (excluding the Grade School students), those without politically partisan involvement, is highly encouraged to register in SACSI office as volunteers to help the work of NAMFREL-PPCRV.

7.      SACSI in due time will campaign to recruit volunteers.  Information will be given to explain and clarify the scope of work of volunteers.

8.      In our prayers, let us commend to our Almighty and Loving God to grant us meaningful, fair, peaceful and honest elections.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Antonio F Moreno SJ

Memo: 09-10: 45