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El Aguila


Grades 4 -6


The El Aguila is composed of grades five and six students who are gifted with special talents in arts and skills in IT.  Through the pooling of their artistic talents, the members are able to come up with the annual at the end of each school year.

The annual that captures all the memorable events of the school year not only manifests the artistic talents on the staff but also shows the passion of the members to quality work.  Above all, each annual produces by the staff means sending at least two grade school graduates to the Ateneo High School, since it is also part of the club’s commitment to raise funds to support poor but deserving students.



The club aims to:

1. come with an annual;

2. finance a scholarship foundation through “EL AGUILA DRIVE”; and

3. sponsor some related school activities and/or assist in the documentation of the activities.



This is open to Grades V and VI students only preferably to those with special talent in art/drawing, and skills in IT






1. The El Aguila Drive usually begins during the first quarter of the school year.

2. There are three (3) counting in this Drive:

ü First counting

ü Second counting

ü Third and Final counting

3. All graduating students will be given a solicitation form/s.

4. El Aguila Yearbook fee and solicitations must be paid directly to the finance office.

5. Payment Procedure:

a. Secure payment slips from the moderator upon presenting the solicitation form/s. The moderator will be available during his/ her free time for the release of payment slips; before class at 7:30 am, lunch break at 12:00 – 1:00 pm, and after class at 4:00 pm.

b. Present filled up payment slips to the finance office when payment is made.

c. Return the duplicate payment slip, Official Receipt (OR), and solicitation form to the moderator after payment has been made for recording and monitoring purposes. Indicate in the duplicate payment slip the Official Receipt (OR) number issued by the Finance Office.


6. Moderators endorse to the El Aguila Finance Manager the Solicitation form/s, series numbers and official receipt numbers for documentation and recording purposes. Official receipt/s will be given to the students / solicitor/s.

7. All moderators are accountable for the number of solicitation forms they received. If moderators failed to return the solicitation forms, they will be subjected to penalty, cf # 8 below.



8. Lost solicitation forms are paid at three hundred pesos (Php 300.00) each.

9. In cases where paid advertisement/s is/are missed or not printed in the yearbook, the amount paid for such advertisement is refunded to the said advertiser/s.

10. Students who avail full-page advertisements shall submit advertisement layouts following the guidelines below:

11.1   To ensure good quality printing, the use of JPEG in formatting   all advertisement layouts is highly encouraged.

11.2  For other related format requirements, the following are  the guidelines:

Paper Orientation- – – – – – – –  Portrait

Size – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  9 x 12

Resolution  – – – – – – – – – – – –  300

11.3    All advertisement layouts must be sent through the El Aguila Official E-mail address :

11.4    The following are the Rates for Advertisements:

Full Page ———————————– Php 4, 000.00

One-half Page —————————— Php 3 000.00

One-fourth Page —————————————- Php 2, 000.00

Sponsor ————————————————— Php     500.00




1. For Students/Solicitors

Ø Individual solicitor who collects/solicits a full-page advertisement single amount of Php 4, 000.00 gets a free copy of the yearbook. Hence, if he/she is a graduating student, he/she will be exempted from paying the regular yearbook fee.

Ø Individual solicitor who accumulates solicitation amounting to Php 5, 000.00 will also receive a free copy of the yearbook and is also exempted from paying the regular yearbook fee if the solicitor is a graduating student.

Ø An incentive of P200.00 is given to individuals who solicit Php 4 000.00 and/or more.

Ø The highest solicitor for Grade Six Classes and Kindergarten Classes will be given a plaque of appreciation. This will be awarded during the graduation day and recognition day as special recognition for their valuable support to the drive.

2.  For Classes

Ø After the final counting, all graduating classes will receive 10% incentive of their total solicitations. The first three placers will be awarded with trophies.


The El Aguila Drive is a program designed to help poor but deserving Ateneo Grade School graduate. This scholarship scheme will award deserving students a four-year, tuition free education at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University High School.  School fees and book rentals are not covered by the scholarship grant.




Every Monday … 4:00 – 5:00 p.m


Mary Grace S Forniza / Miragel E Delos Reyes



Maria Doriza L Faunillan

Finance Manager