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Downloadable Forms1

{xtypo_info}Grade Point System (updated as of February 13,2013){/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Application Form{/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Ranking Form{/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Audio Files{/xtypo_info}

  • HAIL! ATENEO HAIL! (2.32 MB) [mp3]
    Words (modified) and Music from the “Fordham Ram,” Fordham University, N.Y. City
  • BLUE EAGLE – THE KING (2.16 MB) [mp3]
    (Words and Music by Raul S. Manglapus, A.B. ’39)
  • EL ANIMO ATENEO (4.01 MB) [mp3] (Words and Music by Ramon “Bobit” Navarro, HS 76)

{xtypo_info}Other Forms {/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Official Logo{/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Price List {/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Keys Inventory Form{/xtypo_info}


  • Please login in myadzu to view the guidelines

{xtypo_info}SACSI TAO AWARD{/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}President’s Forum – schoolservingsociety {/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Grade School{/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Office Of Student Affairs{/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Help AdZU Do More{/xtypo_info}

{xtypo_info}Press Release Template{/xtypo_info}

    {xtypo_info}Job Order for Printing{/xtypo_info}

    {xtypo_info}Publicity & Promotion Form{/xtypo_info}