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Discussion Area Reservation Policy


  • The Discussion Area may be reserved as early as three (3) days in advance.
  • There will be one reservation at a time to a maximum use of four (4) hours. Extension for an additional hour may be granted provided no prior reservation was made.
  • Reservation is only final upon the approval of the librarian.
  • Fill out the Log In form for the necessary information.

Terms and Restrictions

  • The area must not be used for a group doing individual study.
  • Number of users must not exceed to 10.
  • Laptops, projectors are allowed while microphone and audio system are prohibited.
  • Area must be kept orderly and dirt-free all the time.
  • Walls must not be glued, pasted or attached with posters, papers and the like.
  • Shouting, singing, dancing, loud laughter, eating and drinking are prohibited.
  • Table inside should not be used for cutting and pasting materials.
  • Books and other library materials brought/used for the group discussion must be returned to their respective sections and must not be left in the discussion room.
  • Keep the area clean with chairs and table set the way you came in.
  • Groups meeting/discussion in this room must be related to your academic studies.
  • Activities must end at leas a half-hour before the library’s closing time.
  • Your reservation will be cancelled and given to the next client passed 15 minutes after your reserved time.
  • Rooms cannot be scheduled for semester-long classes.
  • reservation will be forfeited 20 minutes after reserved schedule.