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Developing our Human Resource Management System


22 April 2014


MEMO TO: All Faculty and Staff
RE: Developing our Human Resource Management system

As part of our strategic thrust of moving toward institutional excellence, we will be developing our University Human Resource Management (HRM) system. The first step is to review and design our Job Evaluation System, which will be the basis for job definition, performance management, and rank and promotion.

To help us facilitate this review and design, we have engaged a consultant in HRM, Dr. Alejandra “Sandra” Libunao. Dr Libunao has a doctorate in Organizational Development and a master’s degree in human resource management and development. She has done facilitation, consultancy, and project development engagements, particularly with local and international development agencies like World Health Organization and US Agency for International Development in different parts of the world. She has helped develop HR systems in universities and non-governmental organizations.

Dr Libunao will be meeting with some groups to conduct interviews and focus group discussions starting April 28, 2014. This process will also be conducted by a team composed of University faculty and staff, under the direction of Dr Libunao.

I enjoin everyone to cooperate fully in this important endeavor in our University. Your attendance and participation in these activities will be critical in developing our HR management structures and systems.

Thank you very much.


University President



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