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DECEMEBR 15, 2011

DECEMBER 15, 2011

Thursday of the Third Week of Advent

Reading 1: Isaiah 54:1-10

Psalm: Ps 30: 2, 4, 5-6, 11-12, 13

Gospel: Luke 7:24-30

Free of Charge

One of the highlighted events of Ateneo fiesta was the Cheer Dance Competition (not until recently that this event was taken out of the picture).  Cheer dancers from different colleges really spent months of sleepless nights to perfect their steps and hail the champion of the year.  Ateneans or not Ateneans were really looking forward for this annual event. On the day of the competition, people would swarm at the entrance of the MPCC two hours before the time hoping to get the front row seats for a better view of the breath taking performance of the performers.

Looking back at this scenario, it is still fresh in my memory the different faces of people who were so eager to squeeze their bodies in the mob just to get in the venue; I even remember the frustration on their faces as their effort to get in was in vain because of the crowd. The thought of people getting into argument with the officers in charge who were strictly guarding the place is also stressful to reminisce.

I wonder if MPCC is the kingdom of heaven, would I also witness the same pandemonium? Perhaps the answer is yes. Who would not like to enter the gate of heaven, and listen to the singing angels as they greet everyone at the shiny, golden gate before feasting their eyes in the beauty and wonders of paradise? Yet, entering such holy place is not as easy as eating peanuts. Though it does not require money to enter the gate, it requires cleanliness of heart, dedication, loyalty, and true acceptance of the faith. How many of the Christians nowadays are really Christians? Christians who are not only called such because they were baptized with the holy water, but more importantly those who accept God as the ultimate savior and without hesitation follow Him in the road less traveled.  The gospel reminds us that no one is allowed to enter the kingdom unless one pays the entrance fee. But there is nothing to be worried about for our Heavenly Father sent His only son to pay the entrance fee for us- nothing left to be paid. All we need to do now is to accept His invitation to turn away from our sins and worldly selfish desires, so we can be with Him in the place He has prepared for us.

1. Am I really Christian in the truest sense? Am I ready to leave everything behind to follow my God?

2. Do I accept His invitation to turn away from my sins and willingly volunteer myself to be with Him in the paradise?


Faculty, SLA Department