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DECEMBER 13, 2011

Memorial of Saint Lucy, virgin and martyr

Reading 1: Zephaniah 3:1-2, 9-13

Psalm: Ps 34:2-3, 6-7, 17-18, 19, 23

Gospel: Matthew 21:28-32

How have I lived?

The true test of our faith is neither based on our complete attendances in Sunday masses, nor on how we religiously observe special days of obligation. It is not on how much we give for donations, nor on how many times we pray in a day. It can only be truly tested in the way we live our lives and how we treat others on ordinary days.

Actions speak louder than words. It is not enough that we just know and say it. We must do what we say. Things are easier said than done. We always say that we are Christians, followers of Christ. But are we really living the kind of life Christ taught us – a life of love, poverty, simplicity, compassion and humility? What have all the prayers, worships, scriptures, recollections, and reflections done in our lives? Have they transformed us to better persons, or have they just been just tradition and security blankets in our lives to assure us of our salvation?

When Christ comes, He will not come to see how much you’ve given, but how much love you put in giving. He will look at how many people sinned less than the other. He will ask you how many times you forgave and asked for forgiveness. He will not count your awards and medals. Instead, He will honor your humility. It does not matter how many times you prayed today. What really matters is you prayed for others. He will not judge you for what you know and what you can say; he will look into what is in your heart.

As we wait for the coming of our savior, we ask ourselves, what have I done with life God gave me? How have I lived? Can I call myself a true Christian? How have I treated others? How much love have I put in actions?

“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” – Blessed Mother Teresa


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