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Dance Club

Dance Club


The Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School Dance club is designed to complement the curricular offerings in Music, Arts & P.E. It is geared towards the physical as well as the social development of its members.

Through this organization the children’s talents in dancing preferably folk and modern are enhanced.

Students gain better understanding of the use of their bodies. Correct attitudes are developed through their interactions with other members of the club.

Through this club, students are provided opportunities for healthful relaxation and recreation, grace and rhythm, coordination of body movements, maintenance of fitness and body posture, and proper body mechanics.


The Dance Club aims to:

  1. arouse interest and enhance the children’s talents in dancing;
  2. reinforce the children’s healthy and social relationships with other members of the club; and
  3. provide healthful forms of relaxation and recreation.


  1. Learn the basic dance steps
  2. Learn the different fold dances
  3. Appreciate folk dances
  4. Dance some of the simple folk dances
  5. Learn some new steps of the modern dances
  6. Perform an intermission dance number
  7. Appreciate the value of dancing.


Every Friday 1:40 – 2:40 p.m.