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CSIT spearheads Digital Classroom Building for SED

Last August 17, 2018, the College of Science and Information Technology (CSIT) conducted a workshop for the School of Education (SED) on Building a Digital Classroom at the Sauras Conference Room of the Salvador Campus.

Dr Evelyn Chavez, Dean of SED, initiated the workshop in partnership with Mr Romeo Rabajante Jr, Computer Science Department Chair. The workshop aims to strengthen SED’s commitment to educating students by arming them with skills on how to set up a digital classroom and using these skills in a flipped learning environment. A flipped learning environment fosters learning that reverses the traditional modes of information transfer in a class. By creating digital classrooms, delivery of instructional content is made simpler and more efficient through the strategic use of information and communication technologies. With more time inside the classroom, teachers and students do more supervised activities.

CSIT has conducted several seminars over the month in pursuit of professional growth for other departments and units of the university.