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Council of Leaders

COL OFFICERS S.Y. 2010 – 2011


After a weeklong of rigorous campaign and preparation between the two contending parties, the TEAM MAGIS and the AEGIS, the high school student body elected its new set of Council of Leaders for school year 2010-2011. The COL is responsible for upholding the school’s vision and mission which is to be of men and women for others and to be of service to God and country. This set of officers attends to the needs of the students through their party’s platforms. The final casting of votes was held simultaneously in their respective classrooms on June 21.

A two-day room to room campaign together with the officers of the ASHECOM was held prior to Election Day where aspiring candidates of the two parties displayed their leadership strengths in presenting and defending their party’s platform to impress the student body.

Last June 23, two days past election day, Mr. Espiridion Atilano, COL moderator announced the results.

COL officers SY 2010-2011 is:

President: Chrystelle Denisse Avanzado

Vice President: Paula Gail Torres

Secretary: Mitzi Marquez

Treasurer: Camille Mendoza

Auditor: Gio Anthony Nortiga

PRO: Myra Stella Timtim.

1st Year representatives: Charlene Mendoza and Rizza Fernandez

2nd Year Representatives: Salina Biene Teo and Kim Faye Quimson

3rd Year Representatives: Krystal Acuña and Rayne Limpangog

4th Year Representatives: Airese Saavedra, Aseret Anne Lasquety.

We were honored to have Krizia Marielle Tan, Vice President of the past school year who presided the oath taking of the newly elected COL officers during the morning assembly last June 26. We are looking forward that the Council of Leaders will make every year a better year for the high school community.