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Computer Engineering Department Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in BioMedical Engineering (BSBME)

BSBME train students to become
biomedical engineers equipped with the knowledge in medical and biological
methods and engineering principles to address
health needs by 
developing, handling, and managing electronics and
computer-controlled medical equipment and systems. Classes include hands-on
experience including immersion and OJT programs in partnership with AdZU’s
School of Medicine.


Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communications
Engineering (BSECE)

The BSECE program prepares students for employment in
electronics technology, communications protocol, and signal processing,
developing electronic and communication products, systems, services and
processes. Built on a strong core in math, science and engineering, the program
trains students to adapt to different areas of electronics and communications
engineering, instrumentation and control, as well as semi-conductor


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCpE)

The BSCE program focuses on both the
hardware and software aspects of computer systems. It prepares students to be
proficient in the design, development and analysis of analog and digital
systems, as well as in data communication and computer networks, embedded
systems technology and mobile applications technology.


in Electronics Engineering Technology (AEET)

This new program focuses on two key areas: performing IT
operations and maintenance, and preparing for Computer and Electronics
Engineering degree integration.