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Communication students’ films qualify for 2012 Mindanao Film Festival

Communication student’s films qualify for 2012 Mindanao Film Festival

Four films produced by the Mass Communication students of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University qualified for the 8th Mindanao Film Festival.

The Mindanao film Festival is a non-profit organization which aims to promote independent filmmaking especially amongst students to preserve the rich culture Mindanao. The said film festival will be held at Davao City on December 3-9, 2012.

The following films were qualified to compete for the said film festival:

  1. Pagsaha by Kimberly Joy Regulacion (BSMC-III)
  2. El Sentimiento del maga Quieto by Joseph Vincent Suarez (BSMC-III)
  3. Sino? by Sherry Mae Epanto (BSMC-IV)
  4. El Pundido Luz de Casa by Aedrian Deniel Araojo(BSMC-IV)

Pagsaha, which is is a Yakan word for Grooving a Rubber’s Resin, discusses the unheard story of Muhatdz, a young Yakan rubber tapper who is deprived of the right to live as a kid. The story depicts the imagination of a boy who wanted to experience life just like any ordinary child.

The El Sentimiento del maga Quieto (The Sentiments of the Quiet) is about a child and a mentally-challenged person who both share the same sentiment: the child wants to be heard but is not listened to because he is just a mere kid and the crazy woman who yearns to be acknowledged but is not because of her mental illness. Both character’s lives will meet as they witness a crime in the streets of Zamboanga City.

Sino, on the other hand, is a documentary film that focuses on the street children in the city. This film was inspired from the producers’ experiences in Akay Kalinga Centre for Street Children, a non-government organization based in Zamboanga City. It aims to direct attention to the children who are often neglected in the streets.

Finally, the comedic film El Pundido Luz na Casa, which is an entry to the Guerrilla Filmmaking Competition 2012, delves on an attractive, gifted, and hard-working 17 year old almost perfect guy, Julio Vincent Pagode, who faces the biggest predicament of his life when his parents discover his gender preference. The story will circle around how Julio’s mother deals with the outrageous, satirical, and jaw- dropping revelations about her son’s identity. In the process, Julio will also discover his parents’ relationship secrets.