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College Scholarship Benefactors visit ADZU

Recently, two scholarship benefactors, Dr Rolando A. Santos, President of the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California [ ZHCSC] and Mr. Onofre Griño Jr., Chairman of the Menzi Trust Fund Inc. Scholarship, came to the Ateneo for a visit.

Dr. Santos, paid a courtesy visit to the Office of Scholarships last September 7 to follow-up on matters concerning their scholar in the Ateneo. He was also here to finalize preparations for the printing of his Chavacano Dictionary, Chavacano de Zamboanga: Compendio Y Diccionario, to be published by the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Press.

On the other hand, Mr. Griño was here to follow up on the planned reunion of Alumni Menzi Trust Fund Inc. scholars. This is tentatively scheduled for October or December of this year. Through the years, the scholarship has graduated quite a number of scholars who have gone on to become productive members of society with successful careers of their own. At present, there are 3 students under the Menzi Trust Fund Inc. Scholarship.