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Over the years, the office has shifted gradually from dealing with problems on a one-one-one basis to a more collective solving of students’ concerns. We believed that members of the academic community should take part in finding solutions to problems as well as formulation and implementation strategies in helping students become well-adjusted individuals.

It is in this context that the faculty members and staff of the different colleges of the university can be considered as extending arms of the office in reaching out to more students who encounter difficulties in the different aspects of their lives may it be academic, personal, social, emotional or psychological.


The College Guidance and Counseling Office of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University is a serving component of the University community, envisioning itself as the center of excellence in students’ counseling services and counselors’ training for the region and beyond.


The College Guidance and Counseling Office of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University believes that counseling in terms of services and training is a transformational process that develops the person holistically: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spirituality, for a life of compassion, competence and commitment.

In the context of this general mission, the College Guidance and Counseling Office of ADZU commits itself:

As a component for students’ counseling services:
To process students’ adjustments in facilitating better choices and changes for life.

As a components for counselors’ training:
To foster resiliency and professional competency in the practice of the counseling profession.

Programs Provided to Students

1. Individual and Group Counseling

2. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Trauma Counselling Program

When immediate intervention is needed to address victims of critical incidents such as armed conflict or natural and man-made disasters.

3. Student Group Guidance
This is a program that is designed to promote personal improvement among students through symposia, seminars and workshops. Topics include identity formation, education, family relationships, career direction, values clarification and many others.

4. Academic Resiliency Program
The academic intervention program offers assistance to students whose WPA’s fails to meet those stipulated in the retention policy of the University.

5. Career development and Placement Program
This program seeks to develop in students the competencies needed to be able to make good decisions in terms of career choices, as well as the skills to face the life-challenges after college.

This is a formation program for students who have the spirit of service through the various programs of the office.

7. Student Testing and Evaluation Program
We also require all students to take psychological tests to determine their strengths and limitations through tests on aptitude, mental ability, occupational interests, personal needs, and personality. The counsellor may interpret these test results to the students for personal information and self-improvement when requested or needed.

Services Provided To Faculty and Staff

1. Consultation
The CGCO provides consultation services for the entire AdZU community. Our staff is capable of handling concerns related to concerns psychological well-being, such as stress management, assertiveness training, team building, and other related issues.

2. Informative Service
Books, journals, and other reading materials are available to you if you have queries on psychology and guidance related topics.

3. Special Services

  1. Research
  2. Counseling and Psychology Internship
  3. Referral Resources
  4. Counselor Training