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CEAP Statement Re Bombings in Mindanao

10 July 2009



Below is the CEAP statement regarding the bombings in Mindanao this week.  This statement will appear in the Philippine Daily Inquirer tomorrow (Saturday).  I endorse the CEAP statement for our consideration, reflection and action.

For your information and consideration.

Antonio F Moreno SJ

Memo: 09-10:09



“They will hammer their swords into ploughshares and their spears into sickles. Nation will not lift sword against nation, no longer will they learn how to make war.” (Isaiah 2.4)

We, the one thousand two hundred seventy-two member schools, colleges and universities of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), are deeply disturbed about the bombings that hit Cotabato City, Jolo, Iligan City and  Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte this week killing and injuring scores of people.

We condemn these atrocities in no uncertain terms.

The people of Mindanao are once again asking questions and grappling for solutions that address the issue of peace and security.  These bombings cannot be understood outside of the broader issues involving the stalled peace process.

We are in solidarity, in prayer and in action, with the victims of the bombings, their families and loved ones and all those whose dream of peace has been shattered by these acts of violence.

We call upon the national leadership and concerned local authorities to act swiftly and restore the peace and security of places afflicted with violence and to bring the perpetrators of violence to the bar of justice.

We urge the national leadership, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the indigenous peoples in Mindanao to go back to the negotiating table to explore again the path to peace.

We call on the media to handle responsibly the information given them so that the people will be informed properly of the events and issues involved.

We call for sobriety on the part of our citizens, organized groups from the government and private sectors.  Let us be one in our resolve to promote genuine peace in Mindanao.

We call our member schools and all men and women of good will to continue creating “circles of discernment” in the context of the unfolding events and in light of the Social Teachings of the Church.

We request the regions to take active steps in the building and promotion of peace in their respective spheres of learning. We ask that we remain vigilant in our desire to uphold peace.

In this year dedicated to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, we remain steadfast in our desire to bring about a culture of life and peace.

Finally, let us turn to prayer for the loving protection and guidance of our God, to our Lord who is Prince of Peace.