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Campus Ministry

Ateneo de Zamboanga University

Junior High School

Campus Ministry Office

Objective of the Office

To be an active instrument in the religious formation of students, faculty, and staff through the different spiritual activities.

Seeks to form the students, faculty, and staff in their spiritual life through doctrines, morals, and worship and by actively involving themselves in the different catechetical, socio-pastoral, liturgical, and spiritual programs of the office.

  • The Catechetical Programs are synergized with the CLE Department.
  • The Socio-Pastoral Programs are linked with Social Action Programs.
  • The Liturgical Programs are the celebrations of the Eucharist and Prayer Services of the Non-Catholic Christians and Muslims.
  • The Spiritual Programs are the class recollections and class retreats.

Class Recollection

Class Recollection is a whole day spiritual formation activity.

Class Recollection Programs:

  • Grade 7 – Self: Who am I? Gifts and Limitations.
  • Grade 8 – Family: Home and School.
  • Grade 9 – Friends: Inter-faith Dialogue. Visiting Places of Worship
  • Grade 10 – Society: Social Justice.

Class Retreat

The overnight Ignatian Retreat is a silent retreat built around the elements of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The retreat invites the students to review their lives from a prayerful and God-centered perspective.

It is an opportunity for the students have an authentic encounter with their God and to look back their experiences, process, and relish it some more before they move to Senior High. This will encourage students to further reflect on their experiences to make a connection between their talents, their dreams, and the world’s greatest needs. Who have I become? What am I now passionate about? What am I good at? What and where are the world’s greatest needs?

Ecumenical Prayer Room

It is a room for all. Prayer Services can be done in that room by the Catholics, Non-Catholic Christians, and Muslims.

Eucharistic Celebrations

Everyone is invited to our Wednesday and Friday Eucharistic Celebration at 07:00 AM at the Chapel of the First Companions.