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Brebeuf Club

Brebeuf Club


The Brebeuf Sports Club is a service-oriented club organized to assist the physical education department chair and physical education teachers in fulfilling its role in the Grade School of providing and promoting the Sports Program for all the students. It aims to provide the necessary assistance in planning and scheduling of the activities throughout the year. It also provides assistance in officiating the games.

This Club is also organized to give its members the opportunities to put into action the vision and mission of the school of forming men and women for others. Through this club the members are able to serve the whole school population by rendering service in the capacity of referee, coach, scorer, etc.


The club members are from among bonafide Grade IV to VI students of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School with a good background or knowledge of the rules and regulations of the different games that are included in the sports program of the school.


  1. To assist the Physical Education Department chair in providing an adequate Sports Program for all students of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School.
  2. To officiate and enforce all rules and regulations of all games covered by the intramurals.
  3. To help organize, teach and train not just its members but also other students who need assistance on how to play any of the games and/or on how to coach and umpire the group games.
  4. To promote the value of sportsmanship in all students.


Every Friday afternoon a meeting of all the members of the club is called for the following purposes:

  1. giving of assignment as umpire, coaches, timers, referees, line men or scorers
  2. giving of schedules and games to be officiated
  3. releasing of athletic equipment
  4. monitoring and recording of games played
  5. recording of the results
  6. evaluating and ranking of the results
  7. submitting reports to the Physical Education Department chair