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Bomb Blast Firing Terror


(Code BLACK)

In case of Terror attack, bomb blast, shooting or shelling, Precautionary or Safety measures will immediately be implemented. The Campus Lockdown will be initiated and RAID Team with the approval of the President will immediately conduct the following;

1.    RAID Team and QRF Activated.

2.     Total Lock Down of the campus will be in effect.  A signal will be given in case evacuation is needed.   Keep in mind the general evacuation procedure.

3.     In case of sporadic firing or shelling, all students, faculty, staff, guests and  visitors outside of classrooms and offices will be requested to proceed immediately to the following SAFETY AREAS:

BC Lobby                                           

College building/Quadrangle      Xavier ground floor

LRC building/ Quadrangle                     MPCC/Backfield

4.     Faculty and Students must remain seated inside the classroom. Nobody must be allowed to stand or to leave. If possible seek cover behind concrete walls or lie flat on the floor or ground if needed. If the area is in the line of fire, wait for a lull and move to the opposite direction and proceed immediately to the safety area (College and LRC buildings)

5.     Check the classroom especially trash cans, under the chair, tables, corridors for any suspicious looking package or bag, If none is found stay put.

6.     If suspicious looking packages or bags are present, DO NOT TOUCH IT, relay the information to any faculty, staff, security officer or any university personnel. Instruct the students to leave the room immediately in an orderly manner following the evacuation procedure and proceed to the backfield.